Wat Luang Phor Toh

Un temple tout neuf...

For several years during my travels to the north, I saw along the road this huge temple under construction: the Lan Boon Mahawihan Somdet Phra Buddhacharn (a name not easy to memorize for a European) a few kilometres from Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima)

A few years passed and I finally found on the net a name less complicated to say or to memorize and which must have been adopted since... Wat Luang Phor Toh

I finally took the time to stop there for a few moments to take some pictures.

Seen from the outside, this temple is absolutely magnificent.
That's why I took a few minutes to stop by somewhat intrigued by this impressive achievement

Wat Promraungsri (Korat)

Wat Promraungsri (Korat)
Wat Promraungsri (Korat)

To take this side of the temple, I trod on the grass....
I was of course called to order by a series of whistle blows from a guard stationed behind a coconut tree...

Inside... except for a huge statue of Buddha... it's more like nothingness.
Nothing or really not much has changed since my visit two years ago back

The interior of the temple resonates like a station hall. It's a pretty cold atmosphere....
To be critical, I would say that this temple has no soul, nothing attractive inside.
As beautiful as it is to see from afar, as much inside it has no interest.
The surrounding outdoor gardens are magnificent.

With time, most probably, this temple will be more and more provided with statues, furniture, showcases... all this is often the result of donations from people, personalities, so it takes time for this place to become a little more attractive.

But seen from the outside, this is a magnificent achievement.